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Sexual Assault & Violence Lesson Plans

Sexual abuse and violence is a difficult topic to cover, yet is something that has always been present. The lesson plan below addresses this topic using teen voices and in a way that resonates with teens.

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Guys Can Stop Rape (Lesson)
In many cases sexual assault and violence prevention is focused on reducing risk. While there are different approaches to sexual assault and relationship abuse prevention but one that often does not get addressed is the role guys can play in stopping the violence. This lesson presents an example of a grass roots movement by men working for women's safety that is quickly catching on.

Length: 50 minutes

Lesson Objectives
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:
1) Describe at least two ways men can decrease the potential for rape in their community.
2) Analyze and express their opinions about the effectiveness of one campaign that engages men to prevent violence against women.

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What Does Consent Look Like?

Sexual consent continues to be a hot topic as cases of sexual assault and rape receive incredible amounts of media coverage. Despite this mainstream awareness of sexual assault and rape, many students do not receive education about consent until they reach college, and for many that is simply too late. This lesson provides students with the opportunity to explore real life consent scenarios to better equip them with the skills needed to speak up about consent.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this lesson, students will be able to
  1. Explain what consent is.
  2. State their opinion about who is responsible in cases of consent, rape and sexual assault.
  3. Name two resources that can support individuals who have experienced rape or sexual assault.
National Sexuality Education Standards Addressed

PS.12.CC.1 Compare and contrast situations and behaviors that may constitute bullying, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, rape and dating violence.
PS.12.AI.1 Access valid resources for help if they or someone they know is being bullied or harassed or has been sexually abused or assaulted.

Time needed: 50 minutes

Cost: $1.99

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