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Lesson Plan Package

The Lesson Plan Package includes all 30 of Answer's lesson plans and the accompanying Sex, Etc. articles on a single USB drive.

  • Birth Control and Safer Sex Crossword Puzzle
  • Breaking the Ice
  • Choosing Abstinence After You've Already Had Sex
  • Draw the Line
  • Gay, Straight, Bi: Do These Labels Still Apply?
  • Getting Smart About the Pill
  • Guys Can Stop Rape
  • Here's the Situation
  • Is Sexting Okay?
  • Is This Normal?
  • Journey to the Condom Rack
  • Let's Get Clear About Hormonal Birth Control
  • Like Mother, Like Son?
  • Sex Ed Censored in the States
  • Should A Guy Have A Say In Whether or Not His Girlfriend Has An Abortion?
  • Should Condoms be Distributed in Schools?
  • Telling Your Parents..."I'm Transgender"
  • The Virginity Question
  • Three Double Standards that Hurt Guys and Girls
  • What a Difference an Ally Makes
  • What Does Consent Look Like
  • What I Believe
  • What's It Like to Get an STD Test?
  • What's Your Game Plan?
  • Where Do You Stand on Abortion and Parental Permission?
  • Where Do You Stand on Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception for Teens?
  • Where Do You Stand on Premarital Sex?
  • Your Amazing Body

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Lesson Plan Package

Get all 30 Sex, Etc. lesson plans and related articles on a single CD.

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