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STD Basics: Helping Students Stay Sexually Healthy

Research shows that fear tactics are not an effective way to help students reduce their risk of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or to ensure they know how to get testing and treatment should they need it. So what does work?

Understanding adolescent sexual behavior and how to effectively provide medically accurate sexual health information about the transmission and prevention of STDs is the first step in supporting young people in making healthy decisions. When young people have accurate information, they are better prepared to choose what is right for them and to get medical help if they need it.

The goal of this online workshop is to increase educators' general knowledge of STDs and their ability to develop compelling ways to pass this information to young people through valuable lesson plans, resources and guidance from our online instructor.

    Online Workshop FAQs

Please note, you will be enrolled in the workshop on the next available start date, usually every Friday. Please contact us to arrange an alternate start date, or for additional information.



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STD Basics: Helping Students Stay Sexually Healthy
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