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Body Image Lesson Plans

Youth are bombarded with images of different body types for many different sources and it's up to adults to educate them about different body types. Teens need help understanding that there is no "normal" body type and that those portrayed most in the media are not reflective of the general population.

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Is This Normal? (Lesson Plan)

Teens often worry and wonder whether their bodies are normal. This lively lesson engages students by testing their knowledge about reproductive and sexual body parts and how they function. Teams then get to vote on whether something is "normal" or someone should "see the doctor". The article that accompanies it covers answers to common questions about the penis and testicles, breasts, vulva and vagina. The lesson concludes with teens identifying where they can find reliable sources of information.

Length: 50 minutes

Lesson Objectives:

By the end of this lesson students will:
1) List at least four facts about normal anatomy and healthy reproductive organ function.
2) List at least two facts about unhealthy reproductive organ function.
3) Describe at least two places a teen could go to get healthcare information.

Cost: $1.99

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Your Amazing Body

Epididy-what? While most students probably know what the vagina or penis is, chances are they aren't aware of what the vulva actually is, never mind the labia or the Cowper's glands! With this fun and interactive lesson that uses small-group sharing, a giant matching activity and larger group discussion that encourages critical thinking, students will learn all about male and female sexual and reproductive anatomy and increase their comfort around the topic

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this lesson, students will be able to
  1. Identify at least three parts of the female sexual and reproductive systems and three parts of the male sexual and reproductive systems.
  2. Describe the functions of at least three parts of the female sexual and reproductive systems and three parts of the male sexual and reproductive systems.
  3. Demonstrate increased comfort discussing sexual and reproductive anatomy.
National Sexuality Education Standards Addressed

AP.8.CC.1 Describe male and female sexual and reproductive systems, including body parts and their functions.

Time needed: 50 minutes

Cost: $1.99

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