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Relationship Skills for Teens: Dating, Mating and Deliberating

Much of the dialogue between adults and teens about relationships and dating is from a preventative perspective. As adults, we want to protect teens from the risks and dangers of dating violence, coercive relationships, sexual activity and even heartbreak.

Perhaps it is easy to have these conversations, either informally or through educational intervention, because most of us have experiences in dating that we hope young people aren’t exposed to. Because we were hurt, or hurt others, it is easy to warn against “all guys” or “those girls” in the hopes that our students won’t be hurt as well. But does doing this really help? It is time to change the conversation. Relationship education shouldn’t only be about how to avoid harm. It should teach young people how to build, navigate and strengthen healthy relationships.

The goal of this online workshop is to increase the knowledge, comfort, and competency of health education professionals working with middle- and high school-age students regarding healthy teen and adolescent relationships.

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Please note, you will be enrolled in the workshop on the next available start date, usually every Friday. Please contact us to arrange an alternate start date, or for additional information.

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Relationship Skills for Teens: Dating, Mating and Deliberating
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