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About Answer

Answer, established in 1981 as the New Jersey Network for Family Life Education, was largely shaped during the 23-year tenure of Susan N. Wilson, MS.Ed. From its inception, Answer has provided high-quality training to teachers and other youth-serving professionals. In 1994, we began using the power of peer-to-peer communication to offer sexuality education directly to teens through our award-winning, teen-written Sex, Etc. magazine and website.

In May 2005, we changed our name to Answer to reflect our commitment to providing honest, accurate answers about sex in response to the many questions teens and adult professionals have about this complex topic.

Answer is now an award-winning, national organization, providing invaluable sexuality education resources to millions of young people and adults every year. Our strategic plan for 2018–2021 is an ambitious one that will enable us to revolutionize sexuality education in the United States.

View our most recent annual report.