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National Teacher-Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education

The National Teacher-Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education were created to provide guidance to institutions of higher education to better prepare undergraduate physical and health education teachers to deliver sexuality education in school settings. Along with parents, America’s teachers play a vital role in providing young people with information they need to protect their health and futures. However, only 61 percent of colleges and universities require sexuality education courses for health education certification, and nearly one third of teachers responsible for sexuality education report receiving no pre-service or in-service training in this area. The Teacher Preparation Standards will better prepare undergraduate pre-service students in providing high-quality comprehensive sexuality education that is developmentally, culturally and age appropriate. The development of these standards is a result of an ongoing initiative, the Future of Sex Education (FoSE), of which Answer is a member. Learn more about the Teacher Preparation Standards.

“We expect teachers to be well prepared in every other curricular area. Why should sexuality education be any different? With the release of the National Teacher-Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education we are stepping up and providing teachers with the training they need.”

—Nora Gelperin, M. Ed., Answer, Director of Training