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Personal Safety: Knowing Signs and Drawing Lines

This workshop provides an overview of various forms of interpersonal violence that young people often face, as well as concrete actions that each of us can take to respond. The workshop will explore a range of topics, including consent, an overview of different types of interpersonal violence, the concept of rape culture and provides a wealth of information and guidelines that adults and young people can use to ensure safety and to respond to violence and abuse. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to better recognize interpersonal violence when it happens, and might be able to help prevent it in some cases, as well.

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Please note, you will be enrolled in the workshop on the next available start date, usually every Friday. Please contact us to arrange an alternate start date, or for additional information.

Current Workshop Offerings:

Personal Safety: Knowing Signs and Drawing Lines
Online workshop
Cost: $150.00

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