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Boys and Sex Ed: Beyond Statistics and Stereotypes

Over the past few years, the media has covered what is being called a “boy crisis” in education. Some media sources report that the problem is real and pervades our schools, while others report that this crisis is overblown or even a myth. Regardless of your opinion, we do know that the way guys and girls learn can be quite different. We need to better understand these differences in order to be more effective educators.

We do guys a disservice when sexuality education curricula and programs are created with only the needs of girls in mind. Even if we don’t believe it ourselves, the saying “boys will be boys” pervades sexuality education programming. Girls are set up as the sexual gatekeepers and decision-makers in different-sex relationships while guys are either set up to be feared or widely ignored.

The goal of this online workshop is to increase the knowledge, competency and resources of professionals working with middle-and high school-age guys in the area of sexuality education.

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Please note, you will be enrolled in the workshop on the next available start date, usually every Friday. Please contact us to arrange an alternate start date, or for additional information.

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Boys and Sex Ed: Beyond Statistics and Stereotypes
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