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Capacity Building

Answer believes that young people have a right to the highest quality sex education possible. Achieving this goal requires well-trained professionals who are passionate about and committed to delivering excellent sex ed. However, teaching sex education is not always easy. That is why educators need high-quality support, training and resources.

Answer’s solution? To provide a wide range of capacity building services to help professionals and the programs they implement be the very best they can be.

Answer has been providing tailored capacity building to health and education professionals nationwide for over 40 years. Our capacity building services can be provided through meetings, phone calls, coaching sessions, trainings or video conferencing.

Our expert staff has been involved in the development of many of the National Standards related to Sex Education. With our first-hand knowledge and expertise, we can expand and enhance the skills and capacity of your professionals in a variety of ways that include, but are not limited to, the following:



Curriculum Support

  • Curriculum and lesson plan recommendations based on priority populations
  • Curriculum and resource reviews for:
    • medical accuracy
    • age and developmental appropriateness
    • cultural inclusion
    • the unique learning needs of boys
    • inclusion of LGBTQ issues
  • Curriculum or lesson plan development or revision
  • Mapping curricula, lesson plans and/or core curriculum content standards to determine alignment with the new National Sex Education Standards: Core Content and Skills K-12 (Second Edition)

Capacity Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategizing on and making recommendations for how best to engage parents, school districts and/or other key community stakeholders to support comprehensive sex education
  • Conducting assessments of readiness and capacity for starting and/or enhancing a sex education program

Effective Implementation

  • Enhancing educator capacity to provide high-quality, effective education and training through individual coaching and support or group training sessions
  • Guidance on preventing and managing controversy relating to sex education provision


  • Increasing understanding of school district and state education laws and policies
  • Developing strategies for school district sex education policy revision and implementation

Contact us to find out more about how Answer can build your capacity to deliver the highest-quality comprehensive sex education.