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"The content in health education, specifically family life education, is so diverse and in many cases presents many challenges to educators. Using the services of Answer has given my staff not only the tools, but the confidence to educate our students in the most creative way when it comes to family life education."
—Health Supervisor, NJ

In-Service Training for High School

The in-service workshops listed below can be offered for professionals who work with teens ages 14 to 18. Any of these workshops can be adapted to meet the needs of your educators and staff. Our trainers can also tailor a workshop to meet the specific needs of your group, school or agency.

Teaching About Alternatives to Intercourse

All A-“Twitter”:
Teens, Sex and Technology

Beyond Pink and Blue:
Transgender 101

Birth Control Update:
New Methods, New Lessons

“But I’ll Never Get an STD”:
Understanding Adolescent Development and How Teens Learn

Emergency Contraception:
You Can't Teach What You Don’t Know

Healthy Relationships:
Teaching about Love, Dating and Relationships

“I Have to Say What?!”:
Getting Comfortable Teaching Sex Ed

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues:
You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

Mission Possible:
Building Self Esteem in Adolescents

Positive Encounters:
Talking with Teens One-on-One About Sex

Pregnancy and STD Prevention:
Lessons for Success

Sex Education at Home:
A Workshop for Parents

Flirting or Felony

Sexuality Education Basics:
Strategies for Teaching About Sexuality to High School Students

Sexual Violence:
Teaching About Harassment, Abuse and Rape

Teaching About Abortion:
Navigating Controversial Terrain With Teens

Training of Trainers:
Polishing Your Presentation Skills

Ugly Betty:
Helping Teens Navigate Media Messages About Body Image and Beauty

What About the Boys?:
Teaching Sexuality Accurately and Effectively With Boys