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Mission Possible: Building Self-Esteem in Adolescents

Research shows that while childhood is usually a time of fearless exploration and possibility, adolescence brings with it such hazards as depression, eating disorders, peer pressure and more. Believing that they have very few options, adolescents often turn to such limiting choices as too-early sexual involvement, drinking, unhealthy relationships, and other risky, self-destructive behaviors. In addition, the media has a greater influence and effect on the social lives and decision-making of adolescents than ever before.

This full-day training—designed for teachers and other youth-serving professionals working with middle-school-age youth—will explore many causes of low self-esteem in both boys and girls, address social factors (such as family, peers and the media) and identify feasible strategies for helping adolescent boys and girls feel empowered and hopeful about themselves and their futures.

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