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Healthy Sexpectations Mini-series Recordings

It's important to insure that students with developmental disabilities receive sexuality education.  However we have heard that due to discomfort with the topic and lack of educational materials for these students this group does not receive this much needed information.  This series will establish why sexuality education is important for students with developmental disabilities and provide resources and teaching strategies.

Current Product Offerings:

Innovative Tools for Teaching Sexuality Education to Youth with Developmental Disabilities
People with Asperger's Syndrome (AS) experience unique obstacles to their sexual development: lack of sociosexual knowledge, sexual segregation, policy inconsistencies and few opportunities for intimacy. This webinar will explore the dynamics and importance of sexuality education for persons with AS and identify resources, educational tools and practical guidelines for encouraging healthy sexuality. Special emphasis will be given to social stories and the 5-point scale.
Cost: $40.00

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