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Celebrating 35 Years

Nicole Cushman, Kehinde Togun and Lucinda Holt

After 35 years, Answer is still one of the few places teens, parents and teachers can turn to for sex education based on facts versus ideology. And turn to us they do.

Today, with only 24 states mandating some form of sex education, our Sex Etc. website and magazine reach more than 2 million visitors, 35,000 subscribers and 350,000 social media followers.

We were the first sex education organization to reach young people where they are—online. And we were the first organization to offer accessible online training workshops for sex educators; today, we continue to provide the most robust online training in the country.

What started out in 1981 as a small training outfit, offering resources for teachers in New Jersey, has built a national audience for our unique approach and invaluable resources.

Answer has accomplished so much in the past year alone, thanks in large part to the generosity of donors like you:

  • launched, a fun and enlightening video resource for 10- to 14-year-olds about sex, bodies and relationships
  • released a white paper that highlights research supporting the inclusion of a K-12 approach to sexuality education
  • coached approximately 3,000 education professionals through in-person workshops and online professional development courses
  • trained another class of a dozen youth in sexual health and writing skills so they can contribute content to Sex, Etc.—still created by and for teens

We’re grateful to all our donors, teen writers, Sexual Health Review Board, training participants and YOU for being a part of our future and for helping ensure the health of young people across America.

Thank you!


Nicole Cushman, M.P.H.
Executive Director