Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

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Abstinence: Teaching about Alternatives to Intercourse

This workshop will provide participants with techniques and strategies for teaching about abstinence that do not focus on “scare tactics” or negative messages about sexuality. Instead, the focus is on seeing sexuality as a positive part of each person’s life, but one which must be treated with respect and care.

Activities center on looking at risks, making well-informed decisions and communicating with a partner about sexual limits and boundaries. Participants will determine their own level of comfort and knowledge about using sexual terms by participating in an activity that involves knowing the reproductive and sexual body parts and their functions. They will be able to define abstinence and explain what is needed to make abstinence an effective method of preventing pregnancy and disease.

Participants will leave the workshop being able to implement activities that help young people assess their risks for sexually transmitted diseases and unhealthy relationships and negotiate abstinence and other boundaries on sexual behaviors.

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